The Easiest Way to Collect Your Road Data

Collecting Road Data Has Never Been This Simple

Road patrols and survey managers track condition of the road and road assets. Our computer vision system provides superior concept to collect manual notes in a safe way, hands on wheel, in parallel of using virtual road patrol assistant analyzing the road state; identifying defects and changes in traffic signs. 

Computer vision - hands on wheel

Hands on Wheel Notes and Live View to Roads

  • Easy to use with a smart phone
  • HD quality videos and notes to map
  • Create also hand held documents
  • Easy to share and browse
  • Superior quality for road managers 
  • Combine with Vaisala DSP100 or other sensors
Computer vision - map based user interface

Replace Visual Inspections and Manual Data Collection

Let the RoadAI app record street views and collect data on road signs, road cracking and pavement condition, and road state visual evaluation. Automated analysis can also be done from mobile videos or existing high resolution images.

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