Collecting Road or Rail Data Has Never Been This Simple

A very simple and cost effective way for managers to view the condition of their network and adjacent assets without leaving your desk.

The Most Flexible Service Available for Managing Your Network or Site Images

Video footage augmented by a simple and safe manual annotation tool can be collected by equipped patrol vehicles or by handheld devices quickly and easily. Images are then available online in RoadAI or through a suitable API within a few hours of download. If you have your own images just transfer them to our computer vision service for quick and effective processing.

Viominer App

Fast and hassle free capture of network imagery.

  • Safe in car operation
  • Easy to use with a standard smart phone
  • HD quality videos and notes to map
  • Easy to share and browse
  • Superior quality for road managers 
  • Potential to integrate other sensors


Simple and intuitive user interface to browse your visual data either collected through our App or sent to us from your own collection system

  • Simple access to all video runs
  • See multiple runs 
  • Can also be used to view CV created items
  • View through...

Enhance Visual Inspection with Additional Services

Computer vision - map based user interface

Computer Vision for Asset Management

Automated services to enhance your visual inspection regimes. Let computer vision take the load by automatically identifying assets on your network such as signs, road cracks and potholes.

Image Anonymization Service

Privacy of the individual is a primary concern for all organizations. If you have a need to anonymize video or camera imagery (e.g. for EU GDPR) we make it easy through the use of our computer vision platform.