Railroad Videos and Automated Monitoring

Simple concept to ensure virtual access to railroads.

Quality Video Data from Closed Networks

Planning, maintenance and safety related inspections on railroads requires access to closed networks. RoadAI rail video data management systems enables up to 4K quality video collection from networks and supports sharing of content to relevant parties. Computer vision supports sign and signaling inventories and condition monitoring.

Computer Vision - rail user interface

Easy Visual Data Capture from Railroads

  • Provide up-to-date railroad view to whole organization
  • Use cameras or smart phones to produce HD video
  • Make notes and collect important information in video format
  • Easily find data from a map
  • Generate reports and share data
  • Automatically find items...
Railroad Computer Vision

Computer Vision Services for Railroads

  • Sign and signaling monitoring and inventories
  • Weather related analysis from moving locomotives 

Watch the video

Computer Vision in action at VR Track

Computer Vision in Action at VR Track

VR Track conducting a computer vision based video inventory and analysis of about 12000 km of railroad tracks.