Computer Vision Services

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are emerging tools that are now available to your organization to help you to realize a step change in how you deal with your operations – opening doors to a high level of accessible information only dreamed of before.

RoadAI Architecture

Simplify your field data collection process, leverage Computer Vision automated data production and benefit from an automatic geo-referenced mapping system supported by a collection of highly functional tools for data management and field operations.

Computer Vision is a form of Artificial Intelligence that enables a computer to analyze and identify objects from visual data. Vaisala's system focuses on transport infrastructure and is able to automatically produce information that asset management and maintenance teams can use to assist in decision making. Obtain real-time hassle free access to various types of network and operational imagery. Computer Vision provides rapid and accurate assessment to support your daily operations – transforming your organization’s efficiency by providing critical information on environmental and asset conditions in near real-time cost effectively.

Benefit from a holistic view of your network to help you better organize, plan and support your daily or planned operations. With an up-to-date view of your network, your organization can make data-driven decisions and allocate its resources where they are most effective.

From a long-term asset performance point of view, RoadAI portal and Computer Vision will enable your organization to adopt a more preventive maintenance focused action plan rather than just focusing on reactive maintenance; essentially focus on pavement preservation rather than rehabilitation and reconstruction works. This will significantly improve the lifecycle of each network asset in addition to reducing and optimizing the cost of maintenance of the asset over its lifecycle.

Vaisala's field data collection tool Viominer, data management platform RoadAI and computer vision automated data production services work collectively to increase efficiency of operations, decrease maintenance costs, lengthen asset life cycles and ultimately improve roadway safety.


Computer vision - hands on wheel

Viominer: Collection of Data & Reporting

Fast and hassle free capture of network imagery.

  • Safe in car operation
  • Smart phone compatibility
  • HD videos and notes to map
  • Share and browse data
  • Geo-referenced notes
  • Integrate other sensors

Computer Vision: Automate Data

Computer Vision can accurately generate information by analyzing images and videos automatically and cost efficiently.

  • Traffic Signs
  • Road Surface Cracking
  • Potholes
  • Weather
  • Anonymization

Weather Data Sensors & Computer Vision

Benefit from prevailing road weather data, Vaisala computer vision services enable data collection cameras to provide conditions analysis.

  • Road surface conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Sensor integration support

Future Outlook

See what's currently in development. Which services should we develop next? There are almost endless possibilities as to what computer vision can recognize. Help us define the future.

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