Computer Vision Services

Computer vision and machine learning are tools that enable your organization to push boundaries of your organizational effectiveness. Automated analysis executed from camera images and online videos are supporting overall situational awareness. Vaisala is your leading partner in environment related AI and computer vision.

If you have ever though how automation is going to affect to your organization and processes, you might already have run into an idea of computer vision and machine learning in providing automated analysis of visual inspections and monitoring. Vaisala provides all transportation modes with the best possible solutions to automate detection of environment related phenomena. Work is done by our machine learning platform and sophisticated computer vision system RoadAI. In a critical process or in need to speed up, or to gain effectiveness, our solution can be the right answer. We also enable automated data production of all your images for QA or metadata production for your visual material.

Computer vision - hands on wheel

The Easiest Way to Collect Your Road Data

Road patrols and survey managers track condition of the road and road assets. Our computer vision system analyzes road state, identifies defects and changes in traffic signs, and collects manual notes in a safe way, hands on wheel.

Railroad Computer Vision

Railroad Videos and Automated Monitoring

Conduct planning, maintenance and safety related inspections, as well as sign and signaling inventories and condition monitoring in closed rail networks - automatically. Easily share up to 4K quality video content with relevant parties.

Cracking detection by computer vision

Road Surface State from Camera Images

Get general prevailing road weather data, even from the areas where there are no weather stations implemented. Analysis are based on images from connected cameras, high end machine learning and use of extensive data set.

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