Airport Weather

Regardless of the size of the airport, safety and efficiency of all operations is the most important aspect to manage. Weather affects both the safety and the efficiency of many of the most central functions in airport operations. Having real-time, accurate and reliable weather information at hand is of vital importance to cope with these weather related challenges.


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Vaisala AviMet® is a single complete aviation weather solution that combines disciplines such as visibility measurement, pressure measurement, lightning detection, weather radar measurement, runway surface conditions, and present weather with liquid water equivalent (LWE). Vaisala AviMet® is unique in the aviation industry because you have a single solution to ensure your aviation operations continue safely with controlled costs in any kind of weather.

Vaisala's over 40 years of experience in building airport specific weather solutions has given us the needed professional competence to effectively manage the whole life-cycle of the solution, i.e. the design, delivery, installation, training, maintenance and finally modernization phases. This experience extends from measurement instrumentation of the airport to full AviMet® solution as well as to Vaisala project and customer service delivery. The same Vaisala AviMet® platform technology and experience is used to build solutions to all sizes and kinds of aviation needs.

Vaisala systems designed for airports are fully compliant with FAA, ICAO and WMO measurement standards, regulations and recommendations.

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