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Triton Wind Profiler

Triton Wind Profiler

More wind energy developers use the Triton Wind Profiler than any other remote sensing system. Why? It is the most practical and fastest way to reduce uncertainty in a wind measurement campaign.

Key products for wind energy developers

Triton in Hawaii near wind farm

Triton Wind Profiler

Wind industry's leading remote sensing system
The Triton Wind Profiler allows wind energy developers to start wind measurement campaigns faster and...
Wind energy due diligence - validation statistics

Wind Due Diligence Services

Take advantage of the industry's most advanced methodology
Vaisala's due diligence services deliver accurate energy assessments to support profitable...
Global Wind Map - Wind Maps and GIS Layers

Wind Maps and GIS Layers

Understand how wind resources are distributed across any location worldwide - whether it is an entire country or a specific 100-acre plot along a...