Flood Early Warning

Minimizing the impact of extreme flooding

Road Closed due to Flooding

While flooding can never be prevented, its worst effects can be mitigated given sufficient lead time. With early warning and accurate, effective forecasting, enormous savings can be made in terms of both human lives and financial resources.

Building an Effective Warning System

Establishing a flood forecasting and early warning system involves the implementation of a comprehensive system that comprises:

effective real-time weather observations (such as precipitation, evapotranspiration and water level)

  • efficient data communication
  • accurate forecasting
  • decision support, notification, and coordinated action

Delivering Lead Time with the Latest Weather Monitoring Technology

These elements must be seamlessly linked in order to deliver coordinated, rapid, and efficient flood forecasting and response.

Vaisala is the only company in the world that can provide all the necessary observation technologies for a flood early warning system.

These technologies include:

  • dual-polarization C-band weather radar
  • automatic weather stations for measuring precipitation and water levels
  • real-time lightning detection systems for predicting and tracking severe weather.

In order to make full use of real-time data, it is necessary to process and analyze the data and turn it into useful information such as flood warnings or customized forecast products for water resource management. This yields the best return on investment.

Vaisala has an extensive partner network with whom we can build a customized integrated solutions consisting of observations, data management, modeling and decision support systems. The key advantage of Vaisala´s integrated solution concept stems from a data-centric, open interface approach. This allows for a seamless integration of models from a number of suppliers. Also, this enables producing more accurate information on the individual elements of the hydrological cycle for use in various applications.

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