HVAC Measurement

 - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Vaisala offers industry benchmark HVAC transmitters for measuring humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide indoors and outdoors.

HVAC House

Vaisala's reliable and accurate HVAC sensors and detectors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, whether you are optimizing cooling towers or demand-controlled ventilation. Our HVAC meters measure CO2, humidity, and temperature and they can be used indoors and outdoors, and installed on walls or in ventilation ducts.

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Installation of Vaisala CARBOCAP® Transmitter

Ease of Installation


You have several options to choose from to best suit your needs. Which ever sensor or transmitter you choose, they are all easy to install and require very little maintenance. Watch the GMW80 installation video for proof.

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Vaisala CARBOCAP Technology

CARBOCAP® Technology Inside

All our HVAC products use second-generation CARBOCAP® technology. View this video to find out why it's unique and why it makes the Vaisala CO2 measurement the most reliable and accurate one on the market.

Outdoor Humidity Measurement in HVAC Applications

Watch this webinar to learn about the following topics:

  • Ways to save energy by using evaporative cooling and free cooling
  • Selecting a suitable outdoor humidity sensor
  • Error sources that can reduce or eliminate energy savings​​​

Member of BACnet Interest Group

The global BACnet standard is the only vendor-independent communication protocol for building automation. Visit BACnet website to learn more. 

Vaisala HVAC Solutions ebook


We invite you to download an eBook and explore our HVAC instruments and services offering. Here you will have instant access to various tools that will help you with your applications needs including:

  • Calibration and Repair Services information
  • Learning Resources
  • FAQ’s
  • List of Parameters
  • Application Notes
  • Bid Specs (in AMER HVAC eBook)

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