Let´s Make Our Cities Breathable

Because clean air belongs to everyone.

Clean air is a human right that everyone should be entitled to.

Making cities more breathable starts by measuring, analyzing and understanding the data of air pollution.

According to the WHO 80 % of the world's population lives in the areas where the quality of air is below acceptable. Every single year millions of people lose their lives as a result of air pollution exposure. The situation is most severe in some of the Asia's most rapidly developing nations but there is no place - or no one - on this Earth that is immune to the symptoms.

The Global Significance of Air Quality


Estimation of global economic losses due to air pollution


Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in air has been estimated to reduce life expectancy in the EU by more than 8 months.


The smog episode in 2017 is the longest heavy pollution episode seen in Beijing this century

The World Around Us is a Beautiful Place

But this 4.5 billion-year old planet that we all call home is also quite sick. We don't always see the symptoms but unquestionably they are there. Floating in the air. Being Invisible. Making the air in many places unbreathable. Causing a great deal of damage to both the environment and the people.

The on-going urbanization brings even more challenges to all of us. Solving those won't be easy but as long as we work together it can be done. It all begins by measuring, analyzing and understanding the data of air pollution.

Luckily we at Vaisala do just that. In the past we have done measurements in the most extreme conditions - including space - and now we are bringing
our knowledge to local, supplemental, spatial air quality monitoring.

Understanding Air Quality Starts with Understanding the Weather

Vaisala combines data from high performing air quality sensor networks with important weather parameters. That allows us to forecast the air pollution.

What Does Air Quality Monitoring Actually Mean

The amount of air pollution also depends on meteorological conditions. To a certain extent nature's own air conditioning can keep the air clean. Wind mixes the gases and dilutes them and rain washes the dust and other substances to the ground.

But when strong winds can move pollutants hundreds of kilometers away, under weak wind circumstances they can accumulate to certain location causing increased air pollution. Rain can also pollute the environment if acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid fall to the ground from the atmosphere.

That is why simply measuring air pollution alone does not tell us very much. To be able to understand why air quality can vary from day to day, we must measure meteorological conditions as well, such as temperature, rain and humidity.

Our Services

Vaisala provides the latest technology for air quality monitoring, as well as measuring atmospheric weather conditions relevant to monitoring, estimating, and forecasting air


Ambient air quality measurements are typically made with fixed ground-based air monitoring stations.


Supplementary air quality monitoring enables dense but cost-efficient measurement networks that increase the number of measurement points and improve the access to real-time air quality information.


Weather effects the air quality and air quality effects the weather. The trend is towards micro weather forecasts that can detect fluctuations between different parts of a city.

Vaisala Air Quality Solutions

Our offering in air quality ranges from turnkey networks with network management and air quality modelling to individual sensors and instruments for measuring gases and particulates, meteorological parameters and boundary layer height.

More than 80 Years of Environmental Observations


projects delivered globally by Vaisala project and Customer Serviced organization every year.


Airport weather systems delivered over 100 countries since 2010.


Vaisala Service Centers for local service access in Americas, China, Europe and Japan.

The World is Beautiful.

Let´s make our cities more breathable.

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