Global Significance of Air Quality


of the world's population lives in the areas where the quality of air is below acceptable (WHO).


Estimation of global economic losses due to air pollution


Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in air has been estimated to reduce life expectancy in the EU by more than 8 months.

Measuring Air Quality Starts with Understanding the Weather

Vaisala combines data from high performing air quality sensor networks with important weather parameters. That allows us to forecast the air pollution.

The amount of air pollution also depends on meteorological conditions. To a certain extent nature's own air conditioning can keep the air clean. Wind mixes the gases and dilutes them and rain washes the dust and other substances to the ground.

But when strong winds can move pollutants hundreds of kilometers away, under weak wind circumstances they can accumulate to certain location causing increased air pollution. Rain can also pollute the environment if acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid fall to the ground from the atmosphere.

That is why simply measuring air pollution alone does not tell us very much. To be able to understand why air quality can vary from day to day, we must measure meteorological conditions as well, such as temperature, rain and humidity.

Air Quality Documents

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A joint Sino-Finnish collaboration project will create a unique demonstration environment for air quality measurement in China. The project consists of a dense air quality observation network and modeling capability in the megacity of Nanjing in the...

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