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Success Stories

Storm hits the beach in the Bahamas
Success Story | Sep 26th 2017

Making the Bahamas Stormproof

With a modern weather forecasting network, covering the whole expanse of the country, The Bahamas will be able to keep its citizens and numerous...
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Deicing an aircraft - Vaisala Success Story
Success Story | Sep 01st 2017

Precision to Aircraft De-icing

Snow,Freezing rain – it doesn't take much of an imagination to picture how these and other wintry weather phenomena can make a pilot's job harde...
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EverPower uses Vaisala Triton for bankable hub height wind data
Success Story | Jun 29th 2017

Banking on Hub-Height Wind Data

Learn how a fast-growing North American wind energy company uses Vaisala's Triton Wind Profiler in challenging terrains and climates to: Improve...
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Pursuit of the Perfect Potato Chip
Success Story | Jun 14th 2017

Pursuit of the Perfect Potato Chip

Carbon dioxide monitoring technology helps make defect-free chips. From farm to fryer, potatoes grown to make potato chips are sensitive to envi...
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Vaisala’s Role as an Ambassador
Success Story | Jun 01st 2017

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

Destructive, damaging weather can wreak havoc across communities, especially vulnerable ones with limited resources and education about preparin...
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Vaisala keeps data centers cool
Success Story | Jun 01st 2017

Keeping Data Centers Cool

Increasing demand for data processing and storage capacity has led to major companies investing in new facilities that provide web-based service...
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Jan Bogo Station in Antarctica - Vaisala Case
Success Story | Jun 01st 2017

Scientific Research on Antarctica

Vaisala working together with our partners, installed an AUTOSONDE at Korean Antarctic Jang Bogo station, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica. Korea Pola...
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Uncovering Martian Secrets with Vaisala
Success Story | Jun 01st 2017

Water on Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover Uncovers Liquid Brine Conditions on Martian Surface The first evidence of liquid water on Mars was announced in May 2015....
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Expert Articles

Power Transformer in Alajärvi, Finland
Blog | Oct 18th 2017

The Optimus Experience

Vaisala Optimus™ DGA Monitor for Transformers is one of the newcomers that joined Vaisala offering this year. In addition to being reliable with...
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Professional Events

Vaisala at EuroExpo Borlänge
Event | Oct 18th 2017

EuroExpo Borlänge, Sweden

Vaisala will present wide variety of industrial instruments at EuroExpo Borlänge, Sweden 18-19 October 2017 Come and visit us or send email to o...
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Vaisala Power events
Event | Oct 23rd 2017

EuroDoble 2017

Come and learn more of Vaisala Game-changing Online Condition Monitors for Power Transformers. For more information, please visit the EuroDoble...
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Event | Oct 23rd 2017

Critical Facilities Summit

The only national event dedicated to designing, operating and staffing mission critical buildings for optimal efficiency and reliability. Discov...
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Vaisala at Tema Renrum 2017
Event | Nov 28th 2017

Tema Renrum 2017

Vaisala will present wide variety of measurement instruments for Life Science industry at Tema Renrum 2017, 28 - 29 November in Upplands Väsby S...
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Event | Dec 05th 2017

PowerGen International

As the World's Largest Power Generation Event, POWER-GEN International is the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends,...
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Lightning Over Town
Event | Mar 12th 2018


The International Lightning Detection Conference (ILDC) and International Lightning Meteorology Conference (ILMC) is a biannual scientific confe...
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