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JUST ANNOUNCED: Vaisala Launches its World-Class AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter

Vaisala recently announced the availability of its best-in-class AQT530 air quality sensor and monitoring solution, which is cost-effective, scalable, accurate, and easy-to-set-up — putting cities in control of air quality decisions. The new AQT530 sensor leverages an innovative weather and environmental intelligence platform – providing accurate, reliable, real-time measurement of pollutant gases and particulates. See how this new offering improves decision-making and empowers stakeholders in urban communities around the world.



    Environmental + Weather Intelligence



    Through our exceptional products that are grounded in science and innovation, Vaisala avidly champions smarter, safer and more sustainable urban communities. The combined power of our weather and environmental solutions provides dependable insights every day — that people can confidently act on — enabling businesses and communities to make better, more informed decisions.

    Vaisala began in true Finnish character with honesty, curiosity, and determination. This Finnish way pushes us to continue exploring the unknown to boldly demonstrate our culture of resilience and connection to nature. Together, this allows us to create new products, solutions, and ways of thinking for smarter, more sustainable living.

    Air Quality

    Connecting people to the environment and improving community health starts with access to education and reliable information. By providing helpful air pollution insights and weather intelligence, Vaisala’s world-class monitoring capabilities improve decision-making and empower stakeholders in communities across the world.

    Our goal is to create a shared investment in community health. With comprehensive, professional-grade solutions, you can dive deeper into the sources and fluctuations of emissions, mitigate risks with visibility into top-priority air pollutants, and drive down exposure to pollution hotspots.


    Road Asset Management

    Let technology provide a shortcut to assessing your road network by automatically identifying assets such as pavement defects, signs, and lane markings condition. Vaisala provides AI-powered solutions to the most difficult challenges road authorities and smart cities are facing related to infrastructure management, efficiency of operations, and improving and maintaining roadway safety.


    Weather for Drones

    Mitigate wind hazards with weather models created on the basis of lidar data to plan the safest and most cost-efficient drone operations. Supporting multi-weather sensors, our solution provides precision weather observations on landing/take-off sites.

    Vaisala team collaborating in office

    Webinar on September 9: Introducing AQT530

    Join us to learn how our new Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 delivers the precise real-time air quality insights needed to enhance situational awareness and improve lives in your communities.

    September 9, 16:30 EET/1:30 UTC, 50 minutes