Urban Weather & Environment

Vaisala’s precise environmental data and accurate air quality solutions give smart cities real-time insights to improve quality of life.

    Real-Time Awareness

    Vaisala’s state-of-the-art air quality monitoring sensors, digital street services, and efficient weather modeling for drone transport helps drive quick decision-making with more precise environmental data and accurate forecasting.

    This type of informational advantage gives smart cities the real-time situational awareness needed to improve quality of life.

    Air Quality

    Vaisala solutions gather data from high-performing, dense air quality sensor networks with important weather parameters to produce a more accurate picture and a hyperlocal understanding of air pollution.

    Using our networks, you can drive down exposure to poor air quality by issuing traffic alerts and avoiding local pollution hotspots. This capability benefits many areas including a direct savings in healthcare costs related to breathing issues, lower risk for premature disability, increased life expectancy, and improved quality of life.


    Road Asset Management

    Let technology provide a shortcut to assessing your road network by automatically identifying assets such as pavement defects, signs, and lane markings condition. Vaisala provides AI-powered solutions to the most difficult challenges road authorities and smart cities are facing related to infrastructure management, efficiency of operations, and improving and maintaining roadway safety.


    Weather for Drones

    Mitigate wind hazards with weather models created on the basis of lidar data to plan the safest and most cost-efficient drone operations. Supporting multi-weather sensors, our solution provides precision weather observations on landing/take-off sites.

    Vaisala team collaborating in office

    Equip Your City with the Smartest Insights

    Understand how more precise environmental data, digital services, and accurate forecasting gives urban environments an informational advantage toward improving overall quality of life.