Managing Winter Road Conditions

Monitoring the current conditions on roadways nearby and remote motorways is critical to performing winter maintenance operations. Ministries of transportation, departments of transportation, cities, counties, and townships all have a need to monitor road weather conditions.

Reliable and accurate information is key, and the Vaisala road weather products provide solutions that meet your needs to keep the roads safe, reduce operational costs, and make your job easier. Vaisala offers decision support systems and services, as well as fixed and mobile road weather stations and sensors that are customized to monitor winter road conditions.

Building Your Road Weather Plan

Know Exactly What is Going on With Your Roads

Road weather stations or Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) monitor winter conditions such as:

  • Ice or snow formation
  • Frost on bridges
  • Black ice or refreezing of moisture
  • Depth of water or snow
  • Friction or grip
  • Chemical concentration
  • Freeze point of solution on the surface

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