Weather Services at Sport Events

Success of every outdoor event from mega-sized down to a local junior league tournament depends on the weather.

Snow Cat

Sometimes successful events don't need much and can be ensured by bringing along an umbrella and an extra pullover. But you need the information. Rain, wind, thunderstorm, snow, ice, fog, extreme temperatures. Risking accidents and injury, general safety, travel, logistics, schedules, comfort and enjoyment. Endangering revenues, reputations, event prestige, sponsorships and advertising deals. And for many, the future.

Extreme Temperature

Extreme heat may cause serious problems with certain sport events. Heat stress generated by high temperature can be dangerous for athletes and it should be prevented.  Preliminary information about heat conditions is essential for competitors and teams when preparing for events with long-running exertion.

Strong Winds

Strong winds are especially problematic at sailing competitions. In the worst case events must be postponed in order to assure the safety of the competitors. Real-time wind measurements around the sailing venue are an absolute must to ensure that the competition can be carried out successfully and safely.

Heavy Rain

Intensive rain is a problem not only to athletes, but also to spectators. Athletes must be aware of predicted rain conditions in order to choose the optimal gear for the event. Equally, spectators require information about possible rain periods so that they can prepare themselves.


Thunderstorms pose a major risk not only for events, but also to local transportation and logistics. Lightning and associated strong winds are extremely dangerous and must be well predicted beforehand. This is especially important with operations requiring aviation and during open field competitions. Also, equipment failure and disruptions in broadcasting are possible.

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