Severe Weather Prediction

The majority of natural disasters are related to severe weather phenomena, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, heavy precipitation, flooding and damaging winds, often leading to human casualties and material damages.

Vaisala provides advanced sensor technology, comprehensive observation systems and turnkey solutions for monitoring, detecting and forecasting hazardous meteorological and hydro-meteorological events for providing an early warning, essential for timely emergency response and rescue operations.

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Vaisala Weather Radar WRK200

Weather Radar WRK200

Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar equipped with klystron transmitter technology
WRK200 is equipped with klystron transmitter technology. WRK200 offers exceptional spectral purity and phase noise performance.
Vaisala Maritime Observation System AWS430

Maritime Observation System AWS430

Designed specially for critical maritime weather applications
An automatic weather station designed for maritime environments such as ports, ships, and offshore platforms. The system is designed to withstand the...
Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

a compact all-in-one weather instrument
The WXT530 is a cost efficient series of all-in-one weather instruments. It provides six of the most important weather parameters: air pressure...
Basin streamflow forecasting for hydroelectric power

Basin Streamflow Forecast

Mitigate flooding risks and effectively manage your hydro facility with high-resolution, regularly updated forecasts projecting 7 days into the future...

Weather Notification API

Set and receive push-notifications based on weather forecasts
The Weather Notifications API enables you to set weather-driven push notifications to applications. With predefined weather parameter threshold values...

Weather Warnings

Unified governmental warnings
Weather warnings issued by governmental institutions in various countries worldwide are gathered into our database and delivered through a single data...


Automatic Sounding System
Vaisala has a long experience of automated soundings, including over 80 delivered systems during the last 25 years and over 700 000 soundings from...
Dropsonde RS41

Dropsonde RD41

A meteorological measurement device
Vaisala Dropsonde RD41 is a meteorological measurement device for use in atmospheric profilings from aircraft flight level to surface. Descending...
Vaisala Thunderstorm Electric Field Mill EFM550

Thunderstorm Electric Field Mill EFM550

Advance warning of overhead lightning threat
Vaisala Thunderstorm Electric Field Mill EFM550 integrates with Vaisala local area, real-time lightning systems to monitor the development and...
Vaisala DRD11A Rain Detector

Rain Detector DRD11A

Rain intensity measurement with processing unit
Rain and snow are quickly and accurately detected with the DRD11A rain detector. It operates via droplet detection rather than by signal level...
Vaisala Wind Set WA25

Wind Set WA25

heated anemometer and wind vane for cold environments
The Vaisala Wind Set WA25 is a high-quality cup and vane wind measurement station designed for arctic conditions. The WA25 consists of a Vaisala...

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