Environmental Chamber Humidity and Temperature Measurement

Test chambers are invaluable tools within industrial manufacturing that ensure the quality of products such as low-emission batteries for vehicles, switchgears, connectors, fiber optics, cell phones, pharmaceuticals and different types of electronics and cables. The chamber types vary from small, to walk-in, or even drive-in chambers. 

The climate within a chamber is something we can control, but that requires accurate measurement data. Although the measurement module is usually on the back wall of the chamber, it is integrated into the component board being one of the most important elements of the equipment as it defines the accuracy of the chamber and the reliability of the tests that have been done with it. A very common test of 85 % relative humidity in 85° C has been moving to more demanding conditions up to 95 % relative humidity and 95° C. This requires a measurement technology such as Vaisala HUMICAP® that not only tolerates these conditions but also measures reliably and accurately for years.  

Environmental Chamber
  • Practically maintenance-free HMM100 is an open frame module for integration into environmental chambers. Excellent measurement accuracy with Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R2 sensor.
  • Digital Open Frame Humidity Module HMM105 for OEM Applications
  • Vaisala has developed a robust and reliable module specifically for humidity and temperature test chamber manufacturers. The features of this module, such as a heated probe and automatic sensor cleaning, ensure tolerance even in demanding conditions. Learn more about the Vaisala HUMICAP® HMM170 Humidity and Temperature Module.


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