Understanding dew point and its impact on compressed air systems

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Welcome to our informative on-demand webinar "Understanding dew point and its impact on compressed air systems", where our Application Engineer Jackie Whitney will delve into the fascinating world of dew point and its critical role in maintaining efficient compressed air systems.

While this free online session takes less than 30 minutes of your time, you will hear about several key topics:

  • Dew point basics
  • What affects dew point
  • Dew point vs. humidity
  • Compressed air systems and applications
  • Importance of dew point in compressed air systems
  • How to select the correct dew point instrument
  • Best practices for maintaining dew point sensors

Who should attend?

Whether you’re an engineer, maintenance professional, development manager, or simply curious about energy efficiency and the science behind compressed air systems, this webinar promises valuable insights.

If you have already attended or registered for this webinar, please click here. Otherwise, please watch the recorded webinar by filling the form.

Visit also our compressed air measurement resources at vaisala.com/compressedair.

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Jacalyn Whitney, Vaisala

Jacalyn Whitney

Application Sales Engineer

Jacalyn Whitney is an Application Sales Engineer at Vaisala. She has been with Vaisala since April 2022 and worked for Vacuum Barrier Corporation for over three years before joining Vaisala. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in manufacturing and industrial design with a minor in mathematics from Merrimack College in Massachusetts.