Smart cities: Using AI and other tools to optimize city operations and manage pollution

Smart Cities - City Skyline
Environmental and Public Health Protection

Poor air quality is a serious environmental health issue around the world, driving cities to implement ambient air quality monitoring systems. Current reference-grade air quality monitoring stations provide accurate data, but networks are sparse. At the same time, city street maintenance organizations are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency.

Vaisala has developed a range of solutions that combine data from connected sensors and monitoring systems in several promising ways. Utilizing these Smart City systems can help you optimize city operations — benefiting residents, organizations, and the environment.

Join us for this engaging webinar to learn:

  • The latest data-driven weather and air quality applications
  • How to use computer vision for optimizing street maintenance operations
  • How to combine AI and sensor data to connect air quality monitoring with traffic surveillance, manage traffic emissions, and optimize street maintenance.

Who should attend:

City development managers, environmental protection agencies, Smart City decision-makers, and other innovation leaders. Please register and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

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Mary Dowdye

Senior project manager, TES Ltd (London, UK)

Mary has over 20 years plus experience working in the field of traffic enforcement both at local authority level and more strategically with Transport for London (TfL). Mary has experience of delivering projects whilst working with multi-discipline teams and a variety of stakeholders, including the Police, Greater London Authority and LOCOG. 

Combining air quality data to CCTV based traffic enforcement system has recently been one of the projects Mary has been involved. Mary is the assigned Project Manager for the project with Islington Council. 

Tommi Roman, Vaisala

Tommi Roman

Head of Emerging Business Development

Tommi Roman is heading the Smart City segment at Vaisala since 2018. Tommi has over 15 years background in the high tech industry working on topics related to digitalization, IoT sensing and mobile technology. Prior to Vaisala Tommi worked for several global technology and startup companies in various leadership roles related to strategy, business development, portfolio management, partnerships, marketing and sales development. Tommi holds a Master in Management of Technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Markus Melander, Head of Business Development, CV Solutions

Markus Melander

Head of Business Development, Computer Vision Management

Markus Melander is a former entrepreneur and co-founder of AI-company Vionice. He has a strong background in developing practical computer vision-based solutions for intelligence transportation and road asset management. Currently, Markus is heading Vaisala´s computer vision team and is responsible for RoadAI solutions used in roads and airports.