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​​​​​​With so many sensors in the market how do you know which one to choose? ​Vaisala designs its own thin film polymer capacitive sensor from scratch in our state-of-the-art clean rooms. Innovation is everywhere so please join us in this presentation not to just talk about the benefits of a capacitive sensor but to review the various sensor technologies in our market. The goal is to understand which sensors work for certain applications.  

If you’re looking into a new humidity instrument or just interested to see how sensors have evolved from sling psychrometers to the best in class capacitive sensors, watch this presentation.  

​​In this webinar you will learn about:    

  • What does it mean to use a thin film polymer sensor?   
  • Am I using the right sensor for my application?​   
  • Two things to always think about when choosing your sensor type: contamination and condensation​
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Yumi Alanoly

Sales Application Engineer

Yumi Alanoly was previously a Sales Application Engineer at Vaisala with over 6 years of experience in the industrial and life science industry. 

She has worked on a wide range of qualification projects, including process, cleaning, shipping, laboratory equipment, packaging, software, network, and computer validation.      Yumi has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.​​