Minimize Wastewater Penalties While Maximizing Sustainability with Inline Monitoring

Liquid Measurements

Reduce effluent stream treatment costs by quickly alerting operators to excessive contaminant levels.  

Wastewater monitoring in the Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Pulp & Paper industries is essential to maintaining efficient manufacturing practices. When contaminant levels, such as cleaning solutions or sugar concentration, are too high, plants must either treat the wastewater onsite or transfer it to a third-party, both of which are costly options. Aside from municipal penalties that can cut into profits, manufacturers also risk polluting local water sources when wastewater streams are not properly managed. 

Join this webinar to learn how Vaisala inline process refractometers can take on a watchdog function in this application by immediately alerting operators to discrepancies in wastewater streams. We'll cover:

  • Common wastewater contaminants that can be penalized
  • The importance of maintaining consistent wastewater levels in terms of environmental sustainability 
  • Why process refractometers are uniquely suited to these tasks
  • Typical calibrations for Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Pulp & Paper manufacturers to leverage for wastewater management 
  • Real-world examples of Vaisala customers utilizing this solution

This webinar is presented by Vaisala North America Regional Sales Manager Michael Kohlmann. Register today to watch the webinar live and receive a recording on demand. 

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Michael Kholmann


Michael Kohlmann, Industry Expert & Regional Sales Manager

Michael has a background in Electrical Engineering and brings over 20 years of experience in instrumentation sales with companies such as FXC Performance, ABB, Endress+Hauser and Siemens. His recent focus has been on fluid flow control applied to industries such as Pulp and Paper, Chemical processing, Food & Beverage, Life Science, and Water & Wastewater. Michael enjoys back yard BBQ, brewing beer, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with his family.