Manage Efficiently Your Weather Observations

Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10
Weather & Environment

​An automated network management system connects individual systems, sensors and devices so that you can easily monitor and control your sites and access your weather observation data from anywhere. 

Using a solution with advanced diagnostics and data analytics services together with remote monitoring gives you easy access to your field devices to efficiently identify and solve problems quickly ensuring continuous high-quality data and lower lifetime costs.

Join this webinar and learn more about automated network management and Vaisala Observation Network Manager Software, which enables you to remote monitor and control weather observation networks on one central, secure and automated platform.​​

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Olli Ojanperä

Produ​​ct Manager

In his current role Olli is leading Vaisala Observation Network Manager development program being the product busine​ss owner and developing the product roadmap and requirements based on market needs. His special area of expertise is observation data management software systems and display products.​