Future-proof effective and accurate weather forecasts with Connected Compact Station BWS500

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Weather & Environment

Weather affects us all, and better data can help organizations preserve what matters – from personal safety to business operations. 

Both businesses and meteorological organizations benefit from weather observation system solutions, but affordability, reliability, and simplicity are hard to combine. 

Not anymore.

Vaisala Connected Compact Station BWS500 is the world’s first plug-and-play weather station that provides high-quality measurements, efficiency, and connectivity at every turn.

Beacon Station provides all the essentials for hyperlocal weather data: instantly and securely, anywhere you go.

Join us in this webinar to learn:
•    The new definition of weather intelligence
•    How to create a simple, reliable, and affordable weather network 
•    What it means to have future-proof weather forecasting
•    Why cyber security is critical – even in weather stations

Who should attend:
Decision-makers in meteorology, industry, and anyone interested in tracking weather for their community or business.

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Webinar speakers: 

Otto Pulkkinen, Vaisala

Otto Pulkkinen

Offering manager

Otto is the Offering Manager for Vaisala Beacon professional grade weather station. He is passionate about developing solutions to help businesses utilize environmental data for operational efficiency and safety.

Otto has a long background with leading-edge communication technology products with some of the largest enterprises in the world.