Common Pitfalls When Installing HVAC Sensors

Common Pitfalls When Installing HVAC Transmitters
Buildings and Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Measurements

Watch this webinar to get tips on how to avoid the most common problems when installing HVAC sensors.

Choosing the right instrument for your HVAC application and needs is important but it's just as vital to make sure that your HVAC device is installed correctly.

In this webinar Lars Stormbom talks about some of the most common pitfalls when installing some common types of HVAC sensors:

  • Wall mounted humidity and temperature sensors
  • Wall mounted CO2 sensors
  • Duct mounted humidity and temperature sensors
  • Duct mounted CO2 sensors
  • Outdoor Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Outdoor CO2 sensors


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Senior Product Manager

Webinar speaker: Lars Stormbom

Lars Stormbom
Senior Product Manager

Lars Stormbom works at Vaisala in the Industrial Instruments product area. He holds a MSc in Technical Physics and has an extensive experience in humidity measurements. Lars is the specialist in a wide range of humidity sensors and multiple technology applications.