Artificial intelligence in road maintenance & asset management

Aviation and Road Solutions

Many road maintenance organizations are looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to maintain their networks. Artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically RoadAI, can help manage network condition assessments and safety inspections, as well as optimize network maintenance and budgets.

From operational efficiency to greater speed and accuracy, RoadAI has the technology you need to:

  • Reliably & objectively analyze your road conditions
  • Upload automated assessments and inspector notes
  • Make maintenance decisions and respond faster
  • Keep your roads safer.

Vaisala has developed RoadAI in collaboration with industry experts and engineers to ensure the solution addresses the specific requirements of road maintenance organizations and enables improvements in infrastructure management, operational efficiency, and roadway safety.

Please join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn

  • How AI fits into the larger picture of road maintenance
  • How current RoadAI customers are deploying the technology with their existing teams
  • How to get high-quality data and faster response times—all at significant budget savings
  • How Roadvideo and video analytics enhances road maintenance capabilities.

Who should attend:
Road maintenance decision-makers, inspectors, consultants, engineers and anyone else interested in improving their network management and pavement programming. 





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Markus Melander, Head of Business Development, CV Solutions

Markus Melander

Head of Business Development, Computer Vision R&D

Markus is responsible for commercialization of Vaisala´s computer vision based services for roads and rails. Markus holds a Masters degree in technological entrepreneurship from Lappeenranta University of Technology. He is a former officer of Finnish Defence Forces and has been the head for Digitalization Program and multiple ICT projects in the Finnish Transportation Agency (FTA). Markus was also a co-founder and CEO of Vionice (acquired by Vaisala in 2017).

Ben Brown, Head of Road Asset Management, Vaisala

Ben Brown

Head of Road Asset Management

As the Head of Road Asset Management at Vaisala, Ben focuses on the needs of road maintenance organizations globally. His industry expertise includes transportation, digital transformation, and meteorology and has been part of Vaisala for more than 11 years.

AI on the road eBook

The Vaisala RoadAI system combines live road video with state-of the-art analytics for carrying out road inspections. The combination of these two automated, unbiased factors gives road inspectors a trustworthy artificial assistant to support their work.

Download the ebook to know more!