AQT530: Providing communities with a clearer picture of air quality

Webinar: Providing communities with a clearer picture of air quality
Environmental and Public Health Protection
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Providing communities with a clearer picture of air quality

Connect communities to the environment for improved health and safety for all

To help cities around the world build smarter, safer, more sustainable urban communities, Vaisala is launching our new world-class air quality sensor, the Air Quality Transmitter AQT530.

Join us to learn how our new air quality offering delivers the precise real-time air quality insights needed to enhance situational awareness and improve lives in your communities.

Webinar topics and takeaways:

  • Learn how detailed air quality insight can empower businesses, government, citizens, and other community stakeholders to adapt and make better informed decisions
  • See the AQT530 sensor’s new improvements and latest technology to capture accurate, reliable, real-time data for full situational awareness and immediate air quality intelligence
  • Explore how to build a simple, scalable AQT530 solution with integrated air quality and weather observations, network connectivity, cloud-based data storage, APIs, and data visualization at your fingertips

Who should attend:
City planners, environmental protection agencies, smart city decision-makers, and other community stakeholders interested in improving air pollution for their city’s residents.

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Webinar speakers: 

Marika Juppo, Vaisala

Marika Juppo

Product manager

Marika Juppo is the Product Manager for air quality sensors at Vaisala. She joined Vaisala in 2020 and has long background in electronics industry. Marika is excited about possibilities that monitoring of air quality can bring to each of us and how it helps us to live healthier life. 

Otto Pulkkinen, Vaisala

Otto Pulkkinen

Offering manager

Otto Pulkkinen is the Offering Manager for Vaisala Beacon professional grade weather station. He is passionate about developing solutions to help businesses utilize environmental data for operational efficiency and safety.

Otto has a long background with leading edge communication technology products with some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Frank DeFina from Vaisala

Frank DeFina

Business Development Manager, Vaisala

Frank DeFina is a Business Development Manager for Vaisala and has proudly served the company for almost 14 years. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in business management.  Recently, he completed a certificate in weather forecasting from Pennsylvania State University. Frank served as a weather forecaster in the United States Air Force.