Adjusting to the ICAO’s new GRF regulation

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Starting on November 4, 2021, the new ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) regulation will be in force. Many airports are wondering what they need to do about it.

This webinar will highlight the tools and solutions Vaisala can provide to alleviate and automate the tasks of runway condition assessment and reporting — improving air traffic flow, creating operational efficiencies, and helping airports comply with GRF.

Webinar: “Tools for safety, efficiency, and compliance under ICAO’s new GRF regulation”

The presentation will include discussion around Vaisala’s Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter and other solutions that enable airports to:

  • Improve airport capacity, traffic flow, and safety
  • Leverage the most efficient surface assessment methodology available
  • Bring objectivity and efficiency to reporting




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Mr Mauri Vapola

Mauri Vapola

Application Manager, Airports/Vaisala

Our speaker, Mauri Vapola, has extensive experience in engineering, meteorology, and aviation. Today he leads Vaisala’s runway condition reporting initiatives and is an expert on GRF and related concerns.