Wind & Renewable Energy 2023

closeup of wind turbine at sunset
City Hall
Vaasa, Finland
Power Generation and Transmission

Visit Vaisala booth #15 at the EnergyWeek during  Wind & Renewable Energy days 21-22 March and discuss the power industry solutions for you.

The annual EnergyWeek gathers energy enthusiasts from all over the world to share information, hear about the latest news and most interesting cases, extend their networks and do business.

Energy Week focuses on renewable energies, smart energy, gas energy and energy storage. Read more on Energy Week 2023.


Power transformer switchgear

Power transformers eBook

See for yourself how you can help prevent transformer failure with the help of Vaisala solutions and technologies.

Monitor Transformer Oil with MHT410

Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410

Single-gas monitor as early warning indicator of a fault condition.

Senja Leivo

Meet the expert: Senja Leivo

Ms. Senja Leivo is the Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala and an active member of CIGRE working groups.
Her professional focus is on condition monitoring of power transformers. With 20 years of experience she is responsible for identifying the strategic trends and new monitoring needs within the industry, as well as bringing customers’ voice close to the Vaisala’s product development. Senja holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering.

Mundo do DGA

Download white paper: The world of DGA - and its uncertainties

This white paper by Senior Industry Expert Senja Leivo describes the key aspects involved when reading the monitor’s technical specifications and evaluating its performance against laboratory DGA.

"When it comes to transformer maintenance, there really is no such thing as a quick fix," commented Senja Leivo. "As transformer fleets continue to operate past their designed life span, online DGA monitoring is essential if internal faults are to be detected and addressed promptly and efficiently. It also provides an invaluable 'health check' following repairs and other service actions, demonstrating exactly how effective this work has been in targeting the root causes of gas build-up."

-  Senja Leivo, Senior Industry Expert

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Maintenance free monitoring with the Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100 DGA

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Vaisala MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter