Welcome to Smart Cities India expo!

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Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Interested in smart cities and air quality in particular? If yes, visit us at the Smart Cities India event and let´s discuss what we can do together in order to improve the air quality in our cities. 

You certainly are aware that poor air quality is the most serious environmental health issue globally and the primary driving force for ambient air quality monitoring. Currently available reference-grade air quality monitoring stations provide accurate data, but the networks are sparse. New technologies make it possible to complement the existing measurements with compact air quality sensors.

Vaisala provides the latest technology for air quality monitoring, as well as measuring atmospheric weather conditions relevant to monitoring, estimating, and forecasting air quality. Vaisala Air Quality solution consists of a network of compact air quality sensors and weather stations, complete with data acquisition and visualization software, as well as optional air quality dispersion modeling.

Welcome to discuss with us about air quality and how we can make our cities breathable!

We´ll be at the booth C154 with our partner SGS Weather & Environmental Systems Pvt. Limited in the 5th Smart Cities expo.

Let´s Make Our Cities Breathable - Together!


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Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen and Vaisala's Hannamari Jaakkola visiting the Air Quality Testbed project in Nanjing.

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The construction work to build up a new air quality network pilot in the city of Nanjing in the Yangtze River Delta in China is progressing at a good pace. Last year, Vaisala announced a project to build a groundbreaking air quality network pilot in...

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Studying Air Quality in Nanjing

Solutions to the lethal problem of poor air quality cannot be developed without accurate data. Vaisala and its partners are building the pilot of a completely new observation concept in Nanjing.