Virtual event on November 23: Space-proof technology

Join Vaisala on our amazing journey to explore industrial use of our space-proof technologies
Virtual event
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Join us on our amazing journey to explore industrial use of our space-proof technologies! We're so proud that our HUMICAP® and BAROCAP® technologies are heading to space on Mars Perseverance rover. These same technologies were initially developed for a multitude of industries here on Earth, like food and beverage, automotive, HVAC, and many more. Sign up to our webcast to learn from our experts what these technologies are all about, how they work, their advantages, and what's more, find out how they influence our every day lives in surprising ways.

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Date: November 23, 2020
Time: 15.00-16.00 CEST / 09.00-10.00 EDT
Place: Virtual event – sign up!  

Vaisala speakers: 
Liisa Åstrom, Vice President
Anni Torri, Senior Scientist
Jarkko Ruonala, Product Manager

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Event speakers

Liisa Åström, Vice President, VIM Products and Systems

Liisa Åström

Liisa Åström
Vice President, Products and Systems Industrial Measurements, Vaisala

Liisa is the leader of R&D and Product Management in Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She carries 20 years of experience in design as well as commercial and technical management of hightech products in a global business environment. Liisa is passionate about creating customer value, a seamless dialogue between business and technology, and enabling the success of R&D projects through team spirit and communication.

Anni Torri, Senior Scientist

Anni Torri

Anni Torri
Senior Scientist

During her 20-year experience at Vaisala, Anni has accumulated versatile experience in microsensors and environmental measurement, supported by her background in physics. As a research scientist, she has specialized in
sensor development including, among other things, pressure sensors used on the new Mars rover.

Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala

Product Manager

Jarkko Ruonala is a Product Manager for Vaisala Industrial Measurements. He has a background in automation, instrumentation and process analyzers. He has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu, Finland.

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