Vaisala Supplier Day 2019

Supplier Day 2019 - Winning Together in a Changing World

Welcome to Vaisala Supplier Day! Our suppliers are one of the key factors affecting our success, and to honor and thank for this collaboration, Vaisala organizes Vaisala Supplier Day – a two-day event – for the second time during June 11–12, 2019. The world we live in is constantly in movement, and new challenges face our planet. We cannot tackle these challenges alone but with a common effort. This is why we have chosen the common theme for both of the days to be Winning Together in a Changing World.

You are welcome to scroll through our website to learn more about the event and its themes. We update this website with the detailed agenda, speaker bios and more during this spring. We are grateful for your contribution to Vaisala’s business and hope to meet you in Finland in June!

-    Tuukka Farin, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Development

Please not that event is invitation-only. The invitation to one or both days has been sent your email personally. If you have any questions, please contact supplierday at

June 11 - Supplier Fair

Supplier Fair is organized at Vaisala Head Office (Vanha Nurmijärventie 21, Vantaa, Finland) on June 11, 2019. It is an opportunity for Vaisala’s suppliers to present their products and technology as well as discuss with Vaisala employees and other suppliers.

The Supplier Fair is targeted to the key account managers and technological experts of Vaisala’s suppliers. It is an opportunity for example for R&D, operations, engineers, product managers and similar to network, discuss and exchange ideas with their colleagues from Vaisala.

Gustavelund birch path

June 12 - Supplier Day

Supplier Day is organized at Gustavelund (Kirkkotie 36, Tuusula, Finland) on June 12, 2019. The event presents a variety of inspiring speakers from Vaisala, who will talk about the theme of the event.

They provide insight into how they are visible in Vaisala and in collaboration with our suppliers. The exciting day culminates in workshops, announcement of the winners of our Supplier Awards as well as a summer dinner with a view to the beautiful Lake Tuusula. The Supplier Day is targeted for personnel working in managing positions regarding business, strategy or operations.

Winning Together in a Changing World

Our planet is constantly changing, and the current megatrends – such as climate change and urbanization – create new challenges that affect also our competitive landscape. We cannot tackle these challenges alone but with a common effort. This is why we have chosen the common theme for both of the days to be Winning Together in a Changing World – with Reliability, Time to Market and LEAN.

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 Reliability


As the world keeps changing at an increasing pace, reliability is just as increasingly important. At Vaisala, our mission is to provide Observations for a Better World, in which reliable measurement data and instruments help make critical decisions. Importance lies also on reliable and long-term supplier relationships that enable Vaisala to excel in quality instruments and on-time delivery as well as live its mission.

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 Time to Market

Time to Market

Our planet is in constant motion, making it crucial to be able to react quickly to changes and streamline product development processes. To make sure that new quality products are launched quickly and without delay, corresponding with the needs of the market, agile and early collaboration with our suppliers is the key. 

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 LEAN


To achieve speed and agility, Vaisala has chosen LEAN transformation as its objective, implementing LEAN methods increasingly throughout the company and streamlining product development, operations and delivery chains. LEAN thinking and early supplier involvement are vital for identifying critical issues and development areas as well as for efficient product development to ensure quality products for the world’s challenges.