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Welcome to have a chat with Vaisala experts at our stand and see the highest quality measurement instruments for measuring humidity, temperature, and CO2. Instruments can be installed on walls or in ventilation ducts both indoors and outdoors.  These instruments are essential when you need to save energy, operating costs and improve employees’ productivity. The offering includes a wide range of instruments suitable for all kinds of applications and environments - from high rise buildings and classrooms to cleanrooms and small incubators – wherever reliable measuring and monitoring of the environment are a prerequisite for successful operations, Vaisala can help.

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Workers making final touches to HVAC system. HVAC system stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Vaisala offers industry benchmark HVAC transmitters for measuring humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide indoors and outdoors. Customers use these instruments to optimize heating ventilation and air conditioning controls, for example, in offices, hospitals, data centers, factories, and cooling towers. Our transmitters help in maintaining good indoor air quality and saving costs through improved efficiency.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used in HVAC to control the amount of fresh air in buildings. This is especially useful in buildings with varying occupation levels. Typical examples would be schools, auditoriums and convention centers, but modern office buildings may also have highly variable occupation levels. Recent research shows that employee performance decreases significantly already at CO2 levels previously considered good, approximately 1000 ppm. As employee wages amount to about 90% of the total office costs it pays off to measure and control CO2 levels properly. For proper measurement most CO2 sensors need at least some maintenance.
In this webinar our expert Lars Stormbom gives tips on how to choose the right CO2 sensor for your case and what to look for in a sensor to make maintenance easy.

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Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a cloud-based data service for monitoring drying conditions, concrete, and ambient moisture on construction sites. The service consists of data loggers with humidity and temperature probes, one or more access points, and a software license that gives access to the cloud where data can be viewed remotely. Jade Smart Cloud is also designed for the borehole method where the humidity probe is left in the borehole until an equilibrium state has been formed and humidity values can be read. Using Jade Smart Cloud allows you to check the data on your mobile phone, tablet or PC without having to travel to the measurement location.  


Monitoring humidity and temperature on sites consumes a lot of time and money. Even worse, nowadays, repeatedly sending people to a job site or gaining access to a building may not be as easy as it once was. What if there was a better way?   

Join us for a webinar to discover how cloud-based solutions can help your business. Remotely monitor vital device and sensor data anytime, anywhere - mobile or desktop. Vaisala’s Senior Product Manager Lars Stormbom will reveal the benefits and possibilities available through new cloud-based monitoring.  

Key points of interest: 

  • How the newest IoT-technologies can change your ways of working 
  • Safety, security and precautions of cloud infrastructures  
  • New ways of monitoring, logging and analyzing measurement data 
  • Application examples: concrete drying, building commissioning, museums 
  • Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud overview 


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Three Questions you need to Answer for Monitoring Controlled-Temperature Chambers

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