Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

Fira Barcelona Gran Via
Barcelona, Spain
Weather & Environment

Cities worldwide are seeking solutions to make their cities greener, healthier and more prosperous places to live and to mitigate climate change. To succeed, smart cities need access to comprehensive air quality data that can enable smart, timely decision making.

Visualize and manage road network data with RoadAI. Let technology provide a shortcut to assess your road network by automatically identifying assets such as road signs, road cracks and potholes.

Welcome to the Smart City Expo World Congress, meet our Air Quality Solution and RoadAI experts at the Nordics stand.

Vaisala sensor technology - the resolution for clean air

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Vaisala sensor technology - the resolution for clean air

Further Reading on Air Quality

Vaisala at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya

Vaisala at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya

The fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) was held at Nairobi, Kenya March 11-15. Attended by heads of states and environmental ministers, and shadowed by the aftermath of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash, the meeting brought together...

The seminar at the National Engineering University drew a large crowd.

Air quality sensors and modelling draw audiences in Peru

During a recent trip in Peru earlier this year, Vaisala and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) joined forces in arranging a number of seminars in the capital city of Lima presenting some latest advances in tools for air quality management...

Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen and Vaisala's Hannamari Jaakkola visiting the Air Quality Testbed project in Nanjing.

Air Quality Network Pilot Progressing in Nanjing

The construction work to build up a new air quality network pilot in the city of Nanjing in the Yangtze River Delta in China is progressing at a good pace. Last year, Vaisala announced a project to build a groundbreaking air quality network pilot in...

Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction Products We Offer

Air Quality Transmitter AQT420

for Pollutant Gases and Particulate Matter
Cost-effective AQT420 is an air quality transmitter that measures up to four most common gaseous pollutants...


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RoadAI - Mobile data collection system, powered by artificial intelligence

RoadAI pavement map

Objective, powerful pavement analysis

Our new infographic shows how RoadAI is changing pavement assessment by removing human error, drastically reducing costs, and giving you the best data and analysis you’ve ever had.

Download now and get your road maintenance operation onto smoother pavement.

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Vaisala RoadAI (Road Artificial Intelligence) is a service for efficient infrastructure management. The service supports maintenance processes, as well as provides better means to monitor and coordinate construction projects.

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Vaisala RoadAI Provides Significant Benefits

New Solution for Visual Data Management at Construction Sites

Modern tools can support organizations and the ways of working in performing better. Construction, particularly infrastructure construction, has been considered to be quite a traditional industry. Albeit, if one took a closer look, it would be clear that...

Road studs closeup

Keeping an Eye on the Road

The speed at which new technology changes our daily lives has reached breakneck levels. From our homes, to our places of work, to our public spaces, technology is driving major shifts in the way we tackle problems of all types.

RoadAI products we offer