Lounges 2022

person in pharmaceutical laboratory cleanroom
Messe Karlsruhe
dm-Arena, Messegelände, 76287 Rheinstetten, Germany
Life Science

Welcome to meet our experts and reliable measurement instruments and continuous monitoring system at booth H1.9  in Lounges 2022,  Karlsruhe! 

We will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of humidity, temperature, pressure, dew point, hydrogen peroxide, and CO2 measuring instruments specifically designed for demanding life science and cleanroom applications.

Réfractomètre pour processus industriels dans le cadre de la fabrication pharmaceutique

In-line liquid concentration measurements for pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology processes

Vaisala K-PATENTS® pharma refractometer is designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing, to measure liquid concentrations in-line (in-situ); from laboratory-scale to pilot batches that are used in process development to the production-scale batches needed to support commercialization. This technical solution can improve the understanding of critical process parameters (CCP), reduce drug development time, increase production capacity and stability, improve product quality and safety, as well as demonstrate compliance with regulations. Example applications include processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biochemical/biopolymers, including vaccines, antibiotics, proteins and buffer solutions. Perfect PAT tool. 



Smart probes & transmitters

Measure a wide range of parameters in pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology processes with Vaisala’s proven sensing technologies, including: humidity, temperature, hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air, barometric and differential pressure and more. Vaisala transmitters provide reliable measurements with intelligent, interchangeable, high-performance probe technology.