ITS European Congress

Shanghai Event: CleanTech and Urbanization
Evoluon, Eindhoven
Aviation and Road Solutions

Are you interested in the future of mobility? Then the ITS European Congress is an unmissable opportunity to join. It is the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalization of transport, organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe. 

For over 80 years, Vaisala's technology has guided decision-making in weather-critical industries. Vaisala road weather solutions monitor roadways for specific parameters you need to know, to take action or warn travelers. All decisions, whether human or automated, are based on accurate and reliable measurement data, so ensuring your road weather data is key. 

Welcome to meet with our Road Weather Experts at the ITS European Congress. You can find us at the ITS-Finland Pavilion, stand 0.15!

Vaisala's experts will give presentations during the event - welcome to learn more!

At the Commercial Theatre, June 5, Session 10:30-11:30:

  • Markus Melander: Automated pavement defect mapping and road lane marking condition analysis 

At the ITS Finland stand 0.15, June 4:

  • Daniel Johns: Accurate and Timely Situational Awareness - The Vital Ingredient to Smarter Solutions
  • John Poole: ITS solution needs quality data - Road health monitoring from anonymized street videos


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Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30

Mobile Detector for Road Surface State

Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 monitors road conditions and transmits weather data — surface surface state, grip, relative humidity, dew point and road and air temperature — from snow plows or any vehicle without disruption and works well as a standalone sensor or to help fill in data between stationary weather stations. 

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RoadAI - AI powered mobile data collection system

RoadAI - AI powered mobile data collection system

RoadAI provides solutions to the most difficult challenges organizations are facing related to infrastructure management, efficiency of operations, and improving and maintaining roadway safety. RoadAI provides a simple and cost-effective solution for obtaining up-to-date quality GIS data to support planning and maintenance of road networks, and for assessment and coordination of preventive maintenance of road defects, assets and conditions. 

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Vaisala sensor technology - the resolution for clean air

Air Quality - Let's make our cities breathable

Poor air quality is the most serious environmental health issue globally and the primary driving force for ambient air quality monitoring. Currently available reference-grade air quality monitoring stations provide accurate data, but the networks are sparse. New technologies make it possible to complement the existing measurements with compact air quality sensors.



Markus Melander, Head of Business Development, CV Solutions

Markus Melander

Head of Business Development, Computer Vision R&D

Markus is responsible for commercialization of Vaisala´s computer vision based services for roads and rails. Markus holds a Masters degree in technological entrepreneurship from Lappeenranta University of Technology. He is a former officer of Finnish Defence Forces and has been the head for Digitalization Program and multiple ICT projects in the Finnish Transportation Agency (FTA). Markus was also a co-founder and CEO of Vionice (acquired by Vaisala in 2017).

Daniel Johns

Head of Ground Transportation – Strategy and Business Development

Daniel Johns has worked in weather services all of his career spending 21 years in the UK National Weather Service (Met Office) where he acted in various roles including operational forecaster and consultant to first responders during major incidents. In 2006 he joined the Finnish weather sensor manufacturer Vaisala where he concentrated on taking the data provided by these sensors to create targeted Digital Solutions for decision makers in the winter maintenance area. He now is part of the Strategy and Business Development team with a focus on future mobility including Connected and Autonomous driving and Mobility as a Service.

John Poole

Sales Manager, Computer Vision, WEA West Europe sales