LIFT-800x450 ISPE Annual
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Life Science

Come meet Vaisala’s measurement experts at Table #1031 during the 31st annual ISPE CaSA event in Raleigh, North Carolina. Explore groundbreaking insights into Vaisala's pioneering advancements in relative humidity measurement sensors and witness firsthand how this technology seamlessly integrates into life science applications. 
Whether you require real-time monitoring, alarming, and historical reporting for GxP-regulated environments or face challenges in consistently measuring temperature, humidity, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide over time, Vaisala offers instrumentation that delivers reliable performance. Connect with our team of specialists to uncover how our sensor and monitoring technologies can improve the quality of your life science applications by delivering precise measurements of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, differential pressure, and liquid concentration. Enhance your processes and improve product quality with Vaisala's innovative solutions. 
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ISPE CaSA brings scientists, researchers, laboratory technicians, students, and scientific companies together to explore new innovations for research, development, and manufacturing.


Expert guidance on qualifying GxP warehouses & storage

The principles for temperature mapping remain consistent, whether for warehouses, chambers, refrigerators, or freezers. Get the essential instructions on mapping and adhere to GxP regulations and best practices.

LIFT-Incubator - 800x450

Maintain desired conditions in your incubators for desired outcomes

Many life science applications, such as growing and storing cell cultures, require accurate and reliable measuring and controlling of humidity, temperature, and CO2 concentration. Get the facts on how to ensure your incubators maintain desired conditions for desired outcomes.