Gasdagarna 2021

Biogas plant at sunset
Biogas Production

You are most welcome to discuss and find out about Vaisala's solutions from production of biogas to upgrading it to biomethane.

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Get more value out of waste

From waste to value

Biogas production is an organic process, which means it is inconsistent. The better you can monitor your entire process and react to these inconsistencies, the more efficient it becomes.

Increase revenue

Get more value out of waste. Improve CH4 concentration and biogas quality through timely actions based on stable online measurement.

Get the green gains. Get all the gains.

The Vaisala MGP260 family brings our robust science to help optimize your biogas production and upgrading. Reliable, always accurate and Ex certified. Robust construction meets automatic calibration and zero sampling equipment needed. Just a better process.

Superior stability

  • Supremely corrosion resistant with durable filter 
  • Triple and dual gas optical measurement: CH4, CO2 &H2O (MGP261) and CH4 & CO2 (MGP262)
  • Auto-calibration cuts down expensive calibration work 
  • Heated probe tolerates high humidity and cold

Install with ease

  • Easy to install in situ
  • Fits to any existing system
  • Ex certified
  • Integrates with distributed control systems

Operate with ease

  • Light and robust design
  • No sampling or moisture removal needed
  • No pumps or gas calibration cylinders
Biogas eGuide

Download the eGuide

A concise yet comprehensive guide to optimizing biogas production through accurate measurement. Download the eGuide and get ready to boost your business with practical help from our experts.


I’m interested to discuss the MGP262 further. Please contact me soonest with more details on how we can use the MGP262 to make upgrading biogas to biomethane more efficient.


  • Quick return on investment
  • Peace of mind
  • Get your process under control through continuous measurement direct in the process
  • Minimize carbon credit costs


  • Superior stability of measurement 
  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Compact, in-situ measurement, no need to rely on sampling
  • Easy installation and operation
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Antti Heikkilä, Vaisala

Words from our expert

Learn the benefits of continuous in-line methane and moisture measurement in the biogas process, as well as how to improve biogas plant revenues and efficiency while cutting downtime and repairs to a minimum.

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