FUTURE PHARMA: Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual?

VaiNet: LoRa-based Wireless Monitoring System
Old Windsor
De Vere Beaumont Estate, United Kingdom
Life Science

Welcome to meet Vaisala's new viewLinc continuous monitoring system for measuring environmental parameters like humidity, temperature, dew point, CO2, differential pressure, door switches etc. with revolutionary wireless technology with a signal strength ≥100 meters. At this ISPE event Vaisala will also present its new hydrogen peroxide measurement probe and reliable measurement instruments based on sensor technologies developed in its own clean room in Finland. 

Whether facilities, process, IT infrastructure or the Workforce of the future, what will Pharmaceutical Manufacturing look like in the coming years? Will the next few years genuinely be a paradigm shift or will we essentially continue with business as usual – a gradual evolution at best? Over 45 manufacturers, suppliers and pharmaceutical industry decision makers will be exhibiting.


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For best practices to help ensure compliance, high productivity and product quality in monitoring of warehouses, refrigerators and freezers, cleanrooms and other life science environments, download our eBook. It’s packed with these five resources and more:

  1. Case studies: AstraZeneca, McKesson, Herbalife and more
  2. Measurements: Relative humidity, temperature, CO2 and differential pressure
  3. Applications: Warehouses, cleanrooms, refrigerators & freezers, incubators, stability chambers and more
  4. Maintenance: Calibration best practices
  5. Webinars: Learn Validation Basics to Stability Studies & Monitoring and more

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