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Buildings and Indoor Air Quality

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Vikas Makkar, Regional Manager Infrastructure Team at Infosys

Why Choose Vaisala?

Infosys, the second largest Indian IT-consulting company with 200,000 plus employees and revenue of over USD 10 billion, chose Vaisala’s HVAC sensors for its projects.
“We find that Vaisala is unique with the 5-year stability specification for the HVAC products. In the last 3 years we have been using the products, we have received 
timely support from Vaisala and are quite satisfied with the product quality”, says Mr. Vikas Makkar, Regional Manager Infrastructure Team at Infosys.

Photo: Courtesy of Infosys.

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Installation of a Vaisala HVAC Sensor

Easy Installation of HVAC Sensors

You have several HVAC meter options to choose from to best suit your needs. We have a wide selection of wall-mounted and duct-mounted HVAC meters for indoor and outdoor use. Which ever meter, sensor or transmitter you choose, they are all easy to install and require very little maintenance. Watch video on how to install the Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMW90 sensor and see how fast and easy it is.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used in HVAC to control the amount of fresh air in buildings. This is especially useful in buildings with varying occupation levels. Typical examples would be schools, auditoriums and convention centers, but modern office buildings may also have highly variable occupation levels. Recent research shows that employee performance decreases significantly already at CO2 levels previously considered good, approximately 1000 ppm. As employee wages amount to about 90% of the total office costs it pays off to measure and control CO2 levels properly. For proper measurement most CO2 sensors need at least some maintenance.
In this webinar our expert Lars Stormbom gives tips on how to choose the right CO2 sensor for your case and what to look for in a sensor to make maintenance easy.

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