Contamination Control Congres 2021

Congrescentrum SPANT!
BUSSUM, Netherlands
Life Science

Welcome to Contamination Control Congres 2021.  Topics covered at the congres are related to microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food, aerospace and healthcare. And because contamination control has recently become relevant for an increasing group of people, new topics for people who are just starting out in the world of contamination control are also included.

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If you can't make it to the event you are welcome to read more about Vaisala measuring solutions in life science.



H2O2 bio-decontamination measurement, monitoring and control

Hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally friendly way of performing bio-decontamination in isolators, hospital rooms, transfer hatches and other applications. Vaporized H2O2 concentration levels are measured during bio-decontamination to ensure process conditions have been achieved. Vaisala’s unique sensor for measuring vaporized hydrogen peroxide PEROXCAP® ensures reliable and repeatable results.

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VaiNet Wireless & viewLinc 5

Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system with new wireless technology


viewLinc Monitoring System is an ideal solution for continuous monitoring of environmental data. It is a total solution with data loggers, software, service and IQOQ validation for GxP regulated environments. The latest version of viewLinc introduces a new, long-range wireless technology - VaiNet. It enables superior signal strength (≥100 meters) and penetration compared to other technologies used in wireless monitoring systems.

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