CIGRE International Symposium and Exhibition

Engineer installing the multi-gas DGA monitor, the Optimus™ OPT100
Power Generation and Transmission

CIGRE Symposium has eleven of the sixteen CIGRE global Study Committees committed to attend which will result in over forty working group meetings and make the Cairns Symposium one of the biggest Symposia of recent times. The exhibition will be open to delegates over 4 days Monday 4 – Thursday 7 September 2023.

Come and meet Vaisala's experts at our booth 23. We will be presenting DGA Monitors for Power Transformers Online Monitoring and other Vaisala monitoring solutions.

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OPT100 installation

Cut the guesswork — reimagine DGA

The power industry is in many ways the backbone of modern society — no power, no connections. And in today’s world, not being connected is unthinkable even for the briefest intervals. We know it, you know it. 

The industry faces multiple challenges. Running equipment that’s coming to the end of its designed operational lifespan. The impact of overload situations. An increasing number of network challenges. Vaisala has a strong portfolio of real-time online measurement transmitters for utilities that want to mitigate these risks and safeguard their critical assets. 

Vaisala’s DGA solutions let you safely increase equipment performance and prepare timely maintenance plans to prevent unexpected outages.

Senja Leivo

Expert Insight: Online DGA Monitoring of Power Transformers

Do you know the key fault gases and why they form in transformers?

Find the fundamentals of dissolved gas analysis for power transformers and get to know the data from field tests of Vaisala online monitors. 

Featured Webinar: Measuring Total Gas Pressure

Webinar: Improved DGA Monitoring- Measuring Total Gas Pressure

Join Vaisala Senior Industry Expert, Senja Leivo to gain in-depth knowledge regarding:

  • Effect of oxygen in transformer insulation system
  • Source of oxygen and traditional method to measure it
  • Total gas pressure, a new method to detect air leaks in transformers
  • TGP in relation to O2/N2 ratio
  • Several case examples