CES 2023

A vehicle driving on a snowy mountain road deactivates autopilot when Vaisala Xweather detects black ice on the road surface
The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort
Las Vegas, United States
Aviation and Road Solutions
Innovations and Inspirations
Weather & Environment

See how Vaisala Xweather is helping automotive innovators make every journey safer and more efficient in all weather conditions.

Join us at CES 2023 for a live demonstration of high-precision, real-time road weather forecasting for connected and autonomous vehicles. In your personal session, you will see how our Xweather suite helps our automotive partners:

  • Increase ADAS and AD system availability in all weather conditions.
  • Develop driver trust and passenger comfort.
  • Improve safety and performance.
  • Provide weather-aware navigation.
  • Deliver accurate, timely hazard warnings.

Use the form below to schedule your exclusive session in our Xweather VIP demo suite at The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort. Places are limited so don’t delay in reserving your time. And please feel free to contact our experts directly if you cannot find a suitable slot.

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Petri Marjava

Petri Marjava

Head of Automotive

Petri Marjava is the head of Vaisala’s automotive business segment. His main area of responsibility is to develop the connected vehicle business at Vaisala. Petri has eight years of industry experience and a deep understanding of how environmental technology can solve challenges for ADAS, autonomous driving, and human drivers. Before joining Vaisala Petri worked in various sales and account management positions in the telecommunications and professional services industries.

Timo Korpela, Vaisala

Timo Korpela

Head of Automotive and Partnerships, Vaisala USA

Timo Korpela leads Vaisala’s automotive partnerships and business development in North America. He has over 20 years of business management experience in telecommunications, wireless, human-machine interfaces, IoT, and automotive. Based in Silicon Valley, Timo has a unique perspective on automotive and road safety ecosystems, which are facing significant disruption from electrification, autonomy, software-defined cars, and spatial and weather-aware vehicles.

Weather for Automotive Infotainment

From promoting safety with road condition insights to elevating the in-car user experience, Vaisala’s weather and road weather data supports the many uses of automotive infotainment technology.

ADAS AD Dashboard

Road Weather for ADAS & AD

Vaisala road weather services provides precision forecasting and road condition insights for advanced driving technology.

Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30

Accurately collect and transmit data on road surface state, grip, and surface temperature.