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Airport Weather

No two airports are the same. Because each faces its own unique set of weather-related challenges, there is no one-sizefits-all solution when it comes to weather observations and severe weather mitigation. The best performing airports rely on the accurate weather information, which is vital in ensuring the safety of airport operations.

Properly managed weather information can also significantly improve airport operations and may have a considerable impact on an airport’s capacity and efficiency.

Complete Aviation Weather Management

Meet us at the 4th Aviation Africa Summit & Exhibition to discuss about complete aviation weather management. With 40 years of experience in working with aviation customers around the world, Vaisala has the knowledge and capabilities to combine precisely the right set of technologies into a tailored solution.

The event takes place in Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda.

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Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala’s aviation weather solutions support effective operational decision-making to improve safety and efficiency, and to reduce the environmental impact of airport operations. With Vaisala AviMet® you can fulfill all your aviation weather requirements with a single system – from basic automated weather observation to comprehensive monitoring in the area surrounding your airport.

Vaisala AviMet in Kenya

Operational Safety Whatever the Weather at Kenyan Airports

Weather affects the efficiency and safety of almost every operation at an airport, regardless of its size or location. But with the right technology and expertise in place, an airport can continue to operate whatever the weather. The Kenya meteorological Department relies on Vaisala weather-monitoring technologies, including the Vaisala AviMet® Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), to ensure safe and efficient operations at three of the country’s airports. 

Product Highlights

Forward Scatter FD70 Series

FD70 Series is the seventh generation of Vaisala visibility and present weather sensors. It is designed based on more than 30 years of forward...
Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager

Thunderstorm Manager

Monitor and warn on approaching severe weather and lightning discharges
When it is your job to keep operations running efficiently, protect assets, or...

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Vaisala AviMet Decision Support Solution

Vaisala AviMet Decision Support Solution

Vaisala AviMet is a complete aviation weather solution that provides a single solution to ensure aviation operations continue safely with controlled costs in any weather. Get on board with Vaisala AviMet DSS.

Come and discuss with us about the new FD70 Series

FD70 Series is the seventh generation of Vaisala visibility and present weather sensors.

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Vaisala Forward Scatter FD70 Series