The Australian Airports Association National Conference 2018

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Airport Weather

Welcome to meet us at the Australian Airports Association National Conference in Brisbane 2018. 

We will be waiting you at the stand 28 to discuss about:

  • how can Vaisala help you to meet CAR120 compliance with our AviMet® Automated Weather Observing System AWOS 
  • our new Computer Vision Services and it´s possibilities in the airport operations
  • how Vaisala AviMet® RVR (Runway Visual Range) system can provide best accuracy when it really matters; in any weather and in critical low visibilities. 

New: Computer Vision for Runway Monitoring and Airport Visual Inspections

Simplify your field data collection process, leverage Computer Vision automated data production and benefit from an automatic geo-referenced mapping system supported by a collection of highly functional tools for data management and field operations.

Computer Vision is a form of Artificial Intelligence that enables a computer to analyze and identify objects from visual data. Benefit from a holistic view of your network to help you better organize, plan and support your daily or planned operations. With an up-to-date view of your network, your organization can make data-driven decisions and allocate its resources where they are most effective.

Vaisala's field data collection tool Viominer, data management platform RoadAI and computer vision automated data production services work collectively to increase efficiency of operations, decrease maintenance costs, lengthen asset life cycles and ultimately improve roadway safety.

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How to Achieve Full CAR120-Compliance for Your AWOS?

As a fully CAR120-compliant solution, AviMet® AWOS meets all Meteorogy authorities´ requirements for aviation weather observation data. By using Vaisala’s cerficate you save time: your airport is immediately compliant and you become quickly operational.

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Windcube Scanning Lidar for Aviation Weather & Weather & Climate Applications

The Atmosphere is Yours

Leosphere and Vaisala have joined forces to provide customers with a comprehensive product range covering both SoDAR and LiDAR based systems in the fields of wind energy, meteorology, air traffic management and air quality.

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Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala’s aviation weather solutions support effective operational decision-making to improve safety and efficiency, and to reduce the environmental impact of airport operations. With Vaisala AviMet® you can fulfill all your aviation weather requirements with a single system – from basic automated weather observation to comprehensive monitoring in the area surrounding your airport.

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Vaisala AviMet Decision Support Solution

Vaisala AviMet Decision Support Solution

Vaisala AviMet is a complete aviation weather solution that provides a single solution to ensure aviation operations continue safely with controlled costs in any weather. Get on board with Vaisala AviMet DSS.

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