7. Norddeutscher Biogas-Branchentreff

Vaisala partners - biogas
Agricultural machinery hall, DEULA, Rendsburg
Biogas Production

7th North German Biogas Industry Meeting is a small, informative "journey" of biogas innovations. You can find out about the latest technologies and trends and discuss them with experts. The innovation path is for everyone interested in biogas, regardless of whether you are already active in the industry or simply want to find out more.

Come to meet Vaisala experts and discuss how  the Vaisala MGP260 family can bring robust science to help optimizing your biogas production and upgrading.

Vaisala's in-line measurement instrument for biogas Vaisala  MGP261 Multigas Probe for methane, carbon dioxide and humidity.

The MGP262 gives you the ability to control your process and to focus on producing the best biomethane possible.

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Guide to measuring the key parameters in your biogas plant

Anaerobic digestion has proven to be the most efficient technology for fermenting biodegradable solid waste. Adding valuable by-products such as biogas and fertilizers to the equation, it is no wonder that the amount of biogas plants is rapidly growing. Biogas plants also have an important role in improving the nutrient cycle on the planet.

This eGuide will give you practical information on how to improve your biogas process with accurate measurement and control. This will result in improved profitability and lower operating expenses. We hope you find the information useful and fruitful for your business.

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