The Environment

Top of a snowy mountain

Reduced carbon from emissions from 2014 baseline(Scope 2)


Renewable electricity

Waste recovery rate, manufacturing sites

Employees working on ISO 14001 certified sites

Vaisala´s Environmental Impacts

Vaisala wants to be involved in establishing a sound foundation for environmental observations to advance safety of people and property as well as productivity of our customers. Accordingly, the main purpose of most of our products is to contribute to these ends.

Vaisala´s Head Office

During a majority of Vaisala's over 80 year history, the company's Head Office and main manufacturing site has been located on the same Helsinki campus. The first building on the site, appropriately named later the Yellow House was erected in 1954, at a time when Vaisala first started mass production of the radiosonde. The campus has grown over the years one building and one section at the time. In the 2000's, however, the original building was deemed to be in bad condition, too small and unfit for modern needs for an office environment.
The Yellow House was demolished in 2009 to make space for a new, eco-efficient office building. For nearly two years, the Vaisala Vantaa Campus was a construction site, but at the end of 2010, the new landmark was completed in the tranquil landscape of Vantaanlaakso, Finland.