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Improved DGA Monitoring — Measuring Total Gas Pressure

With the increased use of sealed transformer designs, ambient air leaks and the presence of oxygen have become a significant risk to your assets. Have you considered measuring for total gas pressure and identifying the ratio of oxygen/nitrogen within your transformer?
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Mundo do DGA

Understanding the World of DGA Monitoring

We welcome you to take a deep dive into Vaisala's commitment to R&D by reading Senior Industry Expert Senja Leivo’s, webinar on the uncertainties regarding the comparison of DGA monitoring data against laboratory dissolved gas analysis.
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Leistungstransformator mit Vaisala OPT100

Q&A on Moisture in Transformer Oil

We asked your most pressing questions related to moisture in transformer oil and we've done our best to answer these concisely and accurately - hopefully allowing everyone in the audience to benefit from the information being shared.
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