Wind Prospect

Wind Prospect - use of Triton Wind Profiler in wind project development
Renewable Energy

Wind Prospect provides engineering services and consulting on wind projects spanning five continents. Encouraged by successful deployments of Triton in Australia and North America, Wind Prospect standardized on using Triton to reduce uncertainties in wind energy yield predictions worldwide.

The firm began by using the Triton instead of a tube tower to reduce the costs of early-stage prospecting on sites in Australia, using brief wind measurement campaigns to rule out sites where the resource proved to be unsuitable without incurring the cost of using a tower. They then successfully used Triton to understand the shear at sites that had been measured with 60-meter towers, including heavily forested sites with complex topography.

The global renewable energy consultancy uses Triton in early stage prospecting, wind resource assessment studies, wind farm design, and project financing.

“Triton is the most practical remote sensing system we've seen so far.” — Dr. Paul Stangroom, Wind Services Team Manager, Wind Prospect

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