Wind Developer Uses Triton to Cut Costs and Improve Project Financing in Canada

Sequoia Energy uses Triton to cut costs and improve project financing in Canada
Naomi Stringfield
Sep 30, 2017
Manitoba, Canada
Renewable Energy

Sequoia Energy Inc. has been active in Canada since 2003 and was an early adopter of Vaisala's Triton remote sensing technology for use in its pre-construction wind measurement campaigns. The developer needed a measurement solution that would work in the harsh climate of central Canada, where sub-zero temperatures, snow, and ice regularly damage measurement equipment, disrupt data collection, and wreak havoc on measurement campaigns.

Download our case study to learn how Sequoia uses Vaisala's Triton to obtain:

  • Significant reductions in measurement uncertainty
  • Streamlined wind project development process
  • Easier and much less costly maintenance and overall campaign costs

"Vaisala's Triton provides great value by allowing us to quickly gather measurements to improve our financing terms through lower uncertainty in our long-term energy predictions," says Sequoia's Dan Cox.

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