Taking Triton Data To The Bank

La Compagnie du Vent uses Triton in their wind resource assessments.
Naomi Stringfield
May 16th 2017
Renewable Energy

La Compagnie du Vent, Engie Group, is a pioneer in the French wind energy industry and one of France's leading power producers. When they needed to finance a 20.7 MW wind project in central France, they used Triton to reduce thee uncertainty of their wind resource assessment by obtaining measurements at and above the hub height of the planned wind turbines. Working with a leading independent engineering firm, La Compagnie du Vent used the Triton data to produce a bankable due diligence report and successfully financed their project.

La Compagnie du Vent uses Tritons throughout their wind development and operational portfolio, benefiting from:

  • Highly accurate wind measurements at wind turbine hub height and above
  • Continuous use in the field — no annual factory service visits and easy installation, maintenance, and relocation
  • Acceptance of Triton data by leading independent engineers

"It was clear to us that Triton was the right choice for this project. We were able to obtain much better financing terms because we used Triton here." — Benoit Buffard, Studies Department Manager, La Compagnie du Vent

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