Reducing Wind Resource Uncertainty in Complex Terrain

PEC Energia uses Triton to measure wind in Brazil's complex terrain.
Naomi Stringfield
Jan 12, 2016
Pernambuco, Brazil
Renewable Energy

PEC Energia led the Brazilian wind industry in adopting remote sensing technology in wind resource assessment. The PEC Energia team uses the Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler to:

  • Use highly accurate hub-height wind data in their wind resource assessment, maximizing project value while avoiding penalties for under-production
  • Rapidly characterize the wind resource in complex terrain and reduce spatial uncertainty
  • Boost their return on investment, both through high top-line returns and low equipment maintenance costs
"Triton is one of the most helpful tools we know, and the most cost-effective solution for reducing uncertainty in complex terrain," — Carlos Bergamo, Director of Engineering, PEC Energia

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