Reducing Resource Uncertainty in Demanding Locations

EverPower's Triton - measuring wind in challenging locations
Naomi Stringfield
Apr 18th 2017
Pennsylvania, United States
Renewable Energy

EverPower, a fast-growing developer, owner, and operator of utility scale renewable energy projects, has 752 MW of operational wind farms across seven sites in the United States. The projects are in terrain that varies from simple to highly complex, and in locations experiencing typically harsh North American winters. EverPower initially tried Triton to get more data coverage at each site, using the higher-height data to gain more certainty about wind conditions in the complex sites it was assessing. 

EverPower's director of wind resource, Jim Sardonia, is a meteorologist who has a decade of experience siting utility-scale wind projects. Sardonia found that using Triton data in addition to the met tower data on a recent development project not only reduced the uncertainty in their P90 and P95 values, but also refined the P50 value. "This makes a big impact in real dollars," said Sardonia.

Learn how EverPower uses Triton to:

  • Improve project financing terms
  • Speed up siting and development
  • Manage the costs of conducting wind measurement campaigns

"It's not a question, anymore, of whether the Triton technology pays for itself. It's become obvious that Triton is the right way to measure the wind for maximum returns throughout our development pipeline." — Jim Sardonia, Director of Wind Resource, EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc.

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