Accelerating Wind Energy Development Projects in Africa

WindLab Triton deployment in Africa
Naomi Stringfield
Oct 10, 2014
Cape Town
South Africa
Renewable Energy

Windlab is a global wind development company with an active pipeline and ambitious development prospects in Africa. The company’s proprietary WindScape™ modelling technology allows it to rapidly identify greenfield opportunities in multiple continents. In Africa, as elsewhere around the world, Windlab uses Vaisala's remote sensing system, the Triton, to measure wind resource data onsite, a crucial part of their wind resource assessment process. Compared to tall towers, Triton is cost-effective and easy to deploy, and can be used in locations where it would be impossible to use traditional met masts.

The urgency of Africa’s energy goals underscores the need for efficiency in wind project development.

Read the full case study to learn how Windlab uses Triton to:

  • Measure wind resource in places where it would be impossible to use a met tower
  • Speed up their development process by quickly moving through the site-validation phase
  • Supplement mast data on larger projects and gain a more accurate understanding of the wind flow throughout the site

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